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Deactivate my Account FB !
09 August 2011 | Tuesday, August 09, 2011 | 1 comments
Sorry to all my frenz yg de fb tu dha diactivate my fb account an kjp on9,kjp ta on9,so rse bek diactvate tros kot . .lg pon,now mao concentrate at study..hope kowg fhm [thanks] :)
To Arlyna Kamal ,mybe sye akn merindui awk :"(
walaupun kte ta 1 skola,tp kte ttp brsme. .<3 <3
t klaw awk free,,jgn lpew text or chit chat at blog nyh pon dha kire ouke wt kte [awk jge dyi k]
N always ingt psanan kte at awk uh k [remember that]

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